LED Neon Signs: What Are They?

A LED Neon Sign replicates the lighting effect of Glass Neon Lights, but it is more efficient at doing so. LEDs are used in these lights to create a strip of light. The type, color, size, and strength of these LEDs determine the color, brightness, and hue of the neon light.

In addition to attracting attention, LED Neon Signs provide the following features:

  • Bright lighting without being harsh.
  • Colors that are vibrant.
  • The ability to evoke interest and emotion in potential customers in a characteristic style.

Call Saul provides unique, functional, and highly artistic neon signs for your storefront, so contact us today to learn more.

We can make LED Neon Signs in any color (up to 12 colors to choose from) or size you need.

A Neon Sign is one of the most popular forms of signage all around the World because of its excellent visibility. It is possible for a storefront to stand out despite a busy commercial area with an attractive and cost-effective LED Neon Sign. You can express your creativity and professionalism indoors and outdoors with a bright, long-lasting LED Neon Sign.

Creative Mood designs Customized LED Neon Signs that enhance your business image.

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LED Neon Signs: Types and Uses.

Your LED Neon Sign can be customized in a wide range of sizes. Pink, Blue, Cool White, and Red are the most popular colors. The LED Neon Strip is available in other colors as well. LED Neon Signs are commonly used in art galleries, retail establishments, and special events.

With your order, you can choose to order extra features such as mounting hardware, hanging chain, and power cord.

A LED Neon Sign is an excellent way to enhance your business' storefront with its illuminating power and distinctive look.

We have provided our clients with the following types of signs:

Neon signage is used in the following industries

Recently, neon signs have become popular as an attractive centerpiece or decoration for parties, whether professional or personal. However, they are still primarily used for storefront signage. LED Neon Signs can be used by businesses in almost any industry.

Our LED Neon Signs have been used in the following industries:

Retail Stores
LED Neon Signs are used in storefronts displaying an Open Now signage or the Business Name and Opening Hours for retail stores.
Shopping Malls
The high visibility power of LED neon signs makes them an ideal choice for large shopping malls.
Restaurants and Cafes
Restaurants and cafes often display swinging LED neon signs in front of crowded streets to create a striking visual impact.
Museums use LED Custom Neon Signs to highlight a significant display indoors and outdoors.
Bars and Pubs
For bars and pubs, custom LED neon signs are most popular in different colors, shapes, sizes, and light patterns to increase visibility at night.
LED neon signs give theatre signage a distinctive look and attract customers with logos and attention-grabbing retro neon signs.
Beauty Salons
A catchy and original look can be achieved by using LED neon logos and signs in the front and back of beauty and spa salons. These signs can be placed inside and outside the salon.
Bank names and services can be clearly and professionally displayed with LED Neon Signs.
Real Estate
Real estate offices commonly use on-glass LED Neon Signs to display opening hours and service areas.

LED Neon Signs: Why should I use them?

Neon Signs are visible and noticeable both during the day and at night. The advantages of both lighted signs are numerous and may be appropriate for different applications. You may prefer LED Neon Signs if brightness is your primary concern, as they are brighter than Neon and can be seen better from a distance. Furthermore, they're less complicated to repair if they're broken since neon tubes contain gases that should only be handled by professionals.

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