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Creative Mood is the premier laser cutting studio in the brand experience industry.

Our work encompasses parts and assemblies for signage, display, commercial interiors, pop-up installations, brand experiences, private events, parties, and exhibitions.

​We use precision cutting tools, traditional craft sensibility, and an expert level of design communication in all our projects.

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With no exceptions, we always do our best for everyone that relays their projects to us.

It may sound repetitive, but there is no small or big job; for us, all projects are treated with the same professionalism.

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We are not the common place where you have to come with everything ready, we love our job, and that's why we'll help you find the best way possible to get your project done with the quality of service you expect from us.

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We understand that your project is important, and that's why we prefer to be sure that all your questions and concern are resolved before we do anything, so feel free to ask; consultations are without a charge.

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Experience, experience, experience. That's the core of our business, and not only that, we have the knowledge and all the necessary skills needed to make your project come alive.


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Welcome to our laser-cutting materials section. Although we only provide the cutting service, and our customers have to supply the materials to cut, here you see the materials we can cut in our studio and learn about other materials compatible with laser cutting and engraving. The most common materials used in laser cutting are:


We generally work from flat sheets of material. We may have some materials in stock, so, call us before you place your order. Materials can be ordered online, shipped to our studio, or dropped off at our Los Angeles location.


There are fewer limitations when engraving an object than if you are cutting through the material. We can engrave objects that are up to 3/4″ in height. If you are looking to supply an object for laser engraving, the material/ object should be relatively flat and must fit in our 47.25 inches x 35.25 inches bed area.


The fastest way to get a quote is to email us with as much information as your project as possible or give us a call to make an appointment.

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